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Lots of ways to get involved (or just to learn more!)

Greetings, Precinct 43!
Ever feel like the times we are in are akin to a rodeo -- lots of performers, mud and dirt, cheering, danger, and bucking broncs?  No? Maybe it's just us.
In any event, we have a round-up, of sorts, of news and events and ways to get involved here in our precinct (and beyond).  Many people were glued to last week's James Comey testimony, and there are lots of things happening on the national stage (rumors that the Senate is about to fast-track their version of the #Trumpcare bill -- you're calling our Senators, right?--, Eric Trump calling Democrats "not even people," etc.)  But there's also a lot happening at home that affects our own precinct.  Here's our roundup:
1. NC Redistricting Update: In light of the recent Supreme Court decision affirming our legislative districts as racial gerrymanders, Gov. Cooper called for a special session on redistricting; The NC House voted June 8 to "cancel" it (our own Rep. Morey voted aga…
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Updates from the Precinct

It has been a busy time for Precinct 43 (and for the Durham Democratic Party) these past few weeks!  Precinct leadership from NCGA (North Carolina General Assembly) House District 30 and the Durham Democratic Party Executive Committee met and selected Marcia Morey, longtime Durham District Court Judge, to fill the spot left by Rep. Paul Luebke when he passed away last fall. That same weekend, the Durham Democratic Party met for its annual convention.  Precinct 43 was well-represented at the convention, with most of our committee in attendance, as well as delegates from the precinct! At the convention, new county officers were elected, as follows:
Chair, Stephen Gheen1st Vice Chair, Natalie Murdock2nd Vice Chair, Dov Rosenberg3rd Vice Chair, Sheena MatthewsSecretary, Kathy HallTreasurer, David Harris And our own Sabrina Huston was elected to the State Executive Committee! 
You may be asking yourself:  now what?  What can you do to get involved and get active to start making change here…

NCGA House District 30: Filling Rep. Luebke's Seat

There's a lot happening in our precinct these days!  Our precinct belongs to NCGA (That's North Carolina General Assembly) House District 30.  Rep. Paul Luebke represented Durham in the NCGA for 25 years, and passed away in late October, 2016.  Rep. Phil Lehman has filled the seat provisionally, but our party's leadership is working on filling the seat permanently (well, as permanently as one can get, given that the next known NCGA election cycle is in 2018).

The current Durham County Democratic Party leadership, as well as Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs for precincts that fall within District 30, will vote to fill the seat on Thursday, March 30.

There are a number of candidates for this seat.  Since this representative will represent us in the legislature, we want to share what we know of the candidates with you.  Here's who we know is running:

Danielle Adams (Resume)  (Questionnaire)
Kevin Griffin  (Resume)   (Questionnaire)          
Shelia Huggins (Resume)  (Ques…